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Changing a Rigged Game.

The overwhelming story around the world is so many people in poverty continue to stay in poverty for generations. For most of them, they're playing in a game that has been rigged against them.

But what if we could change that game?

What if we could not only level the playing fields but tip them in a way to bring equity to those who have been underserved and exploited for so long?

Jesus taught us to love our neighbor as ourself. And when asked who we should consider our neighbor, he told a story of friendship.

What if the body of Christ befriended the rest of humanity?

How would the world change?

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What if we did this together...

How Would the
World Change?

What if organizations partnered with each other  in key areas of opportunity?

What if the mission field embodied a posture of generosity to replace the current one of scarcity?

We are looking for communities to help and partners to join us. We know it will take time and, for seasons, progress will be slow, but we believe transformation is possible.

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Focusing on One Community at a Time

Once you begin paying attention to the needs around you and across the world, it becomes overwhelming pretty quickly. We get it. Most days we just have to stop and pray for the Lord's Kingdom to come.

With the need spread so vastly, we are taking a focused approach of sustainable transformation.